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These are testimonies from people with specific individual cases and situations. Each case is different and we do not guarantee anything.

“The lawyer Vasquez and her team have turned my dream into a reality. They really care about us.”

- Rodrigo Y.

“I made the mistake of going to lawyers who knew very little about immigration and I ended up with a worse situation than when I started. Finally, I visited Attorney Vasquez and she helped me solve all my problems. I would have saved a lot of money if I would have gone to her first.”
- Jessenia J.

“I cannot express my thanks for your help. They are really professionals who are experts in immigration law.”

- Henry F.

“My family and I owe the Attorney Vasquez our life. Thank you for helping us in opening the door to achieve the American dream.”

- Martin Q.

“I spent a lot of money on notaries and so-called immigration lawyers who told me what I wanted to hear not what would actually help me fix my situation. I had a consultation with Attorney Vasquez and although it was painful, she told me the truth. I should have gone to her first, so I would have saved a lot of time and money.”
- Clara C.

“Every opportunity I have, I try to see her on Univision. No one explains immigration as does Attorney Vasquez. "
- Melissa R.

"The office of Attorney Vasquez was able to get my permanent residency when no one else could. She was such an inspiration for my daughter, who has decided to study law at her university.”
- María M.

“I am now an American citizen. Many thanks to Attorney Vasquez and her team.”

- Joselin G.

“My advice when it comes to immigration is, do not waste your time and money on no one except the Law Office of Elsie C. Vasquez.”

- Santos E.

“My wife was going to be deported and returned to the Dominican Republic, but Attorney Vasquez was able to prevent her deportation and now my wife is waiting for her permanent residence.
- Leonardo O.